Is She Asking Too Much?

Olivia in Norfolk sent us this Sitch. She recently had a disaster day at work and wanted to meet her boyfriend for dinner since she had to stay late. They’ve been dating for a couple years, and Olivia came running into her man’s arms for a big ole hug and kiss after her rough day. Boyfriend was okay with the hug, but recoiled at the kiss since they were in the middle of a restaurant. She’s known he isn’t into PDA, and has respected his stance throughout their relationship, but this was a sensitive situation and she felt let down and embarrassed. This got her wondering if she could maybe ask him to indulge her in certain situations moving forward. Once again the responses varied depending on the platform: phone calls vs. facebook comments. For some reason they didn’t align at all. Facebook commenters were insisting that Olivia intruded her boyfriends personal space and crossed a line that he had clearly set in their relationship. Our first caller did say that Olivia probably went a little too far, but that it wasn’t that serious and they should still talk it out regarding future situations. Each caller after that felt like it was within Olivia’s rights to want a little dose of PDA on rough days. That’s the key! It’s……”SITCH”-UATIONAL!

Have a great weekend!