Is This (Too) Selfish?

Tammy from Hampton wrote the SITCH in about feeling like she needs some TLC. She and her husband have been together for 28 years (married 24), and she says things are better than ever. The only thing is she’s exhausted lately from doing all of the family duties for her AND HIS family. Tammy wonders if it’s too much to ask for a romantic getaway, gift, or just a special night. The only caveat is that she’s a self-proclaimed control freak. So is Tammy asking too much? Callers and commenters seemed to agree that Tammy is within her rights to ask for something special. I just neglected to write out everything that she does for both families. She does a lot and judging by the submission, deserves something special. The real “sitch” comes in with the control freak aspect. How do you plan something for a control freak? Everyone agreed that it’s really on Tammy to appreciate the thought behind the action, whatever it may be, and even if she’s essentially asking for it. She needs to let go and find the joy in whatever her husband provides for her/their family.