Does she owe her sister?

Kelsey in Virginia Beach is three months pregnant with her first child (yay!). The situation is she is being pressured to share every detail and include her sister in the pregnancy. She and her sister haven’t been close, partially because her sister borrowed a big chunk of money 5 years ago and still hasn’t paid any of it back. Unfortunately her sister had a miscarriage last year, and this is the reason she wants so badly to be involved in Kelsey’s pregnancy. On top of this, their mom is taking the sister’s side and saying Kelsey should let her in. So Kelsey’s question was does she have ground to refuse all of this? She doesn’t want to worry about her sister now all of a sudden, and wants to keep the focus to the immediate family. JJ was the only one with a dissenting opinion today. Everyone else validated Kelsey in her feelings to keep her pregnancy as private as she wishes. One person, Beth, even said this behavior could point to some deeper, underlying issues in the sister. We agreed that it might be worth lightly digging into that. JJ did bring up good points though about bridging the gap between sisters and bringing in more love for the baby. Facebook commenters wisely pointed out how you can always use an extra backup baby-sitter!