Bridging The Gap

Gia feels like she overstepped with her best friend. They’ve stopped communicating and Gia thinks it’s mainly because she voiced her disproval too many times about her friend’s boyfriend. Her friend has been with a guy for almost a year and Gia is not vibing with him at all. Gia thinks her friend needs to dodge this bullet and has gone into her reasoning multiple times without being asked for her opinion. So Gia wanted to know the best way to begin healing this situation because she’s feeling regretful. Very interesting sitch today, because many people had similar stories of trying to warn their friends about a boyfriend – and then being RIGHT about them in the end! That was the funniest part of this Sitch. Everything else aside, our best friends know us well, and we can say with confidence that their opinion should be taken into account! As for this specific one, the consensus seemed to land on a letter being the best method of approach. Jessica pointed out that with a letter, there’s more space and time to let the person figure out how they want to react. Contrast that with a text or phone call – in those scenarios, Gia could feel rejected by a lack of response. Even if her friend just wants more time. HOWEVER, multiple people said that if Gia is so sure about her assessment, she could play the waiting game until her friend comes crawling back! We’re not sure this is a guarantee, but it’s a good way of putting your “money where your mouth is!”