Jonas Brothers Memoir Is Set For Release This November

The Jonas Brothers memoir, Blood, is set for release on November 9th. The tell-all, jointly written with Neil Strauss, will detail the brothers’ lives as they each remember it.

Kevin Jonas revealed, in an excerpt shared with People, that an angry bus driver once pretended their tour bus broke down, stranding the band “in the middle of nowhere for more than twelve hours,” until their dad, Kevin Jonas Sr., paid the driver.

In an excerpt published by Rolling Stone, Nick Jonas shared his first memory – scaling a fence to hop into a pool all alone. Somehow, at three-years-old, he just started swimming.

Nick recalled, “I don’t know how I did it. I’d never swum before—or even floated on my own. It just came naturally to me. Propelled by blind confidence, I made it across the length of the pool, hopped out, climbed the fence, and walked back home.”

In another article shared on Bustle, Joe talked about the band’s breakup. “I still remember the exact words he said,” Joe notes, clarifying that his recollection of the event is slightly “different” from Kevin’s before detailing that Nick declared: “My heart is no longer in this.” His tone was “pastorlike” and reminded Joe of their father. “Something an old-fashioned gentleman might say to his partner when getting divorced. It felt formal, serious. … and permanent.”

According to a press release, the memoir will include over 70 photos and paint a “deeply personal portrait of one family’s survival in the high-stakes world of pop music.”


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