Selena Gomez Talks About Body Insecurities: “I Don’t Have to Be that 19-Year-Old Body Shape Anymore”

Selena Gomez took a look back at some of her favorite red-carpet looks over the years for Vogue magazine.  During the trip down memory lane, Selena recounted not feeling great about her body at the 2015 Met Gala.

“I fluctuate a lot with my weight,” she said, “and I remember this night specifically I didn’t feel good about my body.”

“What was really amazing was that I actually got a chance to work on the dress that fit my body,” she continued. “I had such a beautiful time shaping this dress. I think that we came together and built something really beautiful and something that fit me really well.”

She said in the end, the moment helped her begin to appreciate her body.

“That was one of the moments where I was like, I don’t have to be that 19-year-old body shape anymore because I’m not.”

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