VB Animal Control Officer Jumps Into Action After Driver Passes Out Behind the Wheel {WATCH}

Shout-out to Virginia Beach Animal Control officer Christine McQueen who jumped into action after seeing a driver passed out behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

Traffic camera video shows her running to the driver who had passed out at the intersection of Norfolk and Pacific Avenues. His foot slipped off the brake and the SUV was rolling towards the intersection.

Officer McQueen told WAVY-TV 10, “There wasn’t a lot of time to think. I tapped on the vehicle and got no response, so I just opened the car. I looked up and I saw a handle and I said to myself I hope this isn’t the windshield wipers, because I really jerked the gearshift up to get it into park.”

The SUV was stopped before anyone could get hurt.  “I did what I had to do to get that car in park,” said officer Christine McQueen.

Take a look: