Time For a Work Out Plan?

Maria thinks her 13-year-old daughter put on a little too much weight in the past year and thinks she’s old enough to start going to the gym. Her husband thinks it would be too much pressure, however, and disagrees that she needs anything. Maria wants to start bringing her daughter to the gym about 3-4 days a week and was wondering if she or her husband was more in the right. Well, not many people took Maria’s side. Some people said they are both in the wrong. We had a few contributors suggest taking her to get a check up at a doctor and speaking with the doctor beforehand, but people said to just encourage her to get outside more. 13 is a very touchy age for a girl and if you start imposing body standards that young, it could go poorly. We don’t want to single her out and force or pressure her at all. Kevin had the bright idea of getting her a new bicycle and going for more family rides. The important thing here is to make it a family effort. Get everybody on the same “program” for bike rides or eating better around the house. If the daughter sees her parents doing it then she’ll feel much better about it.