No More Car-Pooling?

Patty and her neighbor have an agreement to drive their daughters to school in the morning each week. Patty recently found out that her neighbor’s daughter is having a birthday party and apparently didn’t bother to invite her daughter. Patty took offense to this because their daughters have had the arrangement for a few years, and they’ve even had play dates together. Patty thought they were fairly close friends, but apparently that’s not the case. As a form of retaliation, Patty wants to stop taking her neighbor’s daughter to school. So she wrote us this Sitch to get some opinions on whether or not this would be too petty. We had some facebook commenters back Patty up and say they’d absolutely stop the arrangement. There’s only one week of school left this year anyway, so the best suggestion we got was to finish out this week and then go to then confront the mom politely about how to proceed. There could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for it, or it could be mischievous two-faced lying! Either way it’ll be good for Patty to get to the bottom of it AFTER this school year ends.