Baby-Naming Rights?

Meredith has been with her boyfriend for six years and they have no plans to get married. They are both happy without taking that step, but they are now expecting their first child this September. This has brought complications due to them not being married. Meredith just wants to use her last name, but her boyfriend wants to get his name in too. The problem is Meredith thinks the name doesn’t sound good at all when hyphenated like he wants. It’s too long and she doesn’t want to complicate things. Once again the caller input was completely different than the facebook input. Callers sided with Meredith, whereas almost every person on facebook said that CLEARLY they should JUST go with the guy’s last name. Dan called in to point out that these two need to remind themselves what’s most important here – the child. If a hyphenated name is going to cause issues, however minor, then maybe they could spare the kid the trouble. We understand the boyfriend wanting to get his name on the baby, but hopefully his family’s name doesn’t end with him!