Chris Pratt Had a Sweet Father’s Day Surprise for Four Deployed Servicemen {WATCH}

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Chris Pratt had a Father’s Day surprise for four deployed servicemen. He hooked them up virtually with their families, and gave them a sneak preview of his upcoming movie “The Tomorrow War”.

The families also got a special dinner . . . although the troops had to eat whatever they normally do. Chris told them, quote, “My very favorite part of this life that I’ve been blessed to be able to live and lead is to be able to openly show support for our men and women in uniform. You mean the world to me, I mean that . . .

“I understand that the life that I live, I live inside of a bubble of protection that you provide for me. So just know, I don’t take it for granted. I’m living my dream and I know you’re making that possible. Thank you.”

Check out the video here and look for ‘The Tomorrow War’ on Amazon Prime on July 2.