Family Heirloom?

Arthur in Smithfield had a unique Sitch today. He bought an antique pistol from a guy online, knowing that it was listed for much less than it was worth. In the right condition it can fetch around $1,000 at an auction. Arthur bought it for $200 a little over a month ago, and now the seller wants it back, claiming he didn’t know it was a family heirloom. Arthur isn’t really buying that story, but he still feels a little guilty about buying the gun for so much less than it’s worth, so he asked us for our thoughts. The bottom line is that the seller should’ve done his homework and looked up which gun he had. A few callers said it woulda been the right thing to do for Arthur to tell him it’s worth more. But we’re human and we don’t always pick the right thing to do. As far as our contributors were concerned, that’s Arthur’s gun and even if it happened to be a family heirloom to the seller – you snooze you lose! We hope it wasn’t a super valuable heirloom!