Missing Mom?

Lexi wrote in because for years her mom has pressured her to have children. Lexi held her ground and waited until she and her husband got to a more stable place in life, and now she is due in August. Lexi’s mom had told her that she’d be there to help with the baby, because she wanted to and knows how demanding it is. So now that Lexi is due soon, her mom still hasn’t made any progress on moving closer back to Lexi. Apparently mom has been in New York for years helping Lexi’s sister with HER kids! It seems like mom made too many promises! Lexi has been reminding her mom as the months have counted away, but she’s starting to lose faith that her mom will move back at all, let alone to help with the baby. She’s upset and wants to tell her mom to forget about it, but wanted to know if there were other options she hadn’t considered. Unfortunately we couldn’t come up with any miracle solutions. Most of the callers and commenters said this is one that Lexi will probably have to let go. Luckily the facebook crowd was sympathetic and even encouraging towards her! It was pointed out repeatedly that once the baby arrives, everything else will fade away. Lexi will do whatever needs to be done to care for that baby, even if it means finding someone else to help. There are reputable websites where one can find a trusted babysitter. You got this Lexi!