Wifey Needs To Chill Out?

Todd in Suffolk wrote in because his wife is being really strict about who can/can’t watch their newborn baby. Basically, nobody can except her best friend. Todd admits her friend is an experienced mother, but she isn’t anything special. Meanwhile, Todd’s brother and sister-in-law are begging to watch the baby. Todd trusts them completely but his wife won’t sign off on it. This past Saturday Todd had a DMV appointment he almost forgot about, and his wife was out of town. In a hurry, he made the decision to drop off the baby with his brother. He didn’t even run it by his wife! Of course, when she found out she was livid. Todd just feels like she needs to loosen up on who can watch the baby, but he’s also wondering if it was wrong to drop off the baby with his brother without asking wifey. We got mixed responses on the permission vs. forgiveness question. JJ felt like Todd messed up by not running it by his wife, whereas Judy felt like he is absolutely allowed to make that call on his own. Overall, the consensus was that people understood Todd’s wife’s position, but she should loosen up and give her husband a say in the matter. Nikki in the facebook comments wisely suggested that she might have postpartum anxiety. That’s something we don’t know anything about, but hopefully it subsides one way or another. Wishing Todd and family all the best!