Repeatedly “Misplaced” Wedding Ring

An anonymous Jill wrote in because her new husband keeps misplacing his wedding ring. The first time he lost it in the pool and at least knew it was there, but most recently he has no idea where it’s gone off to. Jill wrote in because she sees it as a symbol of their new union which took place in February. She mentioned that he’s not “rushing out” to find it or anything so it seems like he’s not very concerned with it. So, what did the people have to say? First of all she can bring it up to him if she hasn’t. Step one is usually communication, so start there if you haven’t already. Tell him how you feel about the ring as a symbol. Find a good setting and tone so that you’re not backing him into a corner. If he doesn’t seem to respect your feelings on what the rings represent, then it’s time to worry. If something is a big deal to you, it should be to him. If it isn’t to him, he should at least act like it is and support you. Elena pointed out the marriage is still pretty new so it’s possible he hasn’t gotten used to it yet. Guys can be a little forgetful or oblivious sometimes!