What Happened Between Lucy Liu and Bill Murray on the Set of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Revealed

The secret is finally out! In 2000, Lucy Liu starred in Charlie’s Angels with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Bill Murray.  Liu and Murry reportedly got into a screaming match on set and he was replaced in the second movie by Bernie Mac.

A production assistant recounted the events on Twitter and revealed the the story behind their disagreement.

According to the PA, Bill rewrote a bunch of scenes and put new scripts in everyone’s trailers.  Nobody was happy about it, including the director and the producers . . . one of whom was Drew Barrymore.  Bill claimed he was just making the movie better.

Lucy apparently said something like, quote, “This is way out of line.”  Then Bill replied, quote, “I don’t know what you’re complaining about.  I gave you more lines.  I mean . . . look who you’re in with here.  You’re TV . . . and this is the big league.”

Ouch . . . well Lucy wasn’t having it because she cussed him out . . . using a few choice words I can’t repeat . . . and ran off crying.  NO punches.

The production assistant did want to make it clear that Bill DID apologize, but in a not-so-sincere type of way . . . but since then, Bill has worked on trying to be a better person. 

(Just Jared)

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