Ashton Kutcher Says He Sold His Ticket to Space

Ashton Kutcher snagged the 500th ticket for a flight on Virgin Galactic in 2012 but the actor revealed he will not be leaving the planet any time soon.  

Kutcher told Mashable, “I was booked on a flight to go to space and, in fact, I’m quite rueful about the fact that I am not going to space. My wife asked me to sell my ticket to space because she didn’t think that it was a smart family decision.”

Kutcher and Kunis were married in 2015 and currently have two children. 

According to, Virgin Galactic officials originally said they were hoping for takeoff in 2013 or 2014 but the first fully crewed flight, including Sir Richard Branson, just happened this week (July 11th).

Kunis isn’t the only one hesitant to take off into space. In a new poll, 42% of people would reject a chance to go to the moon, even if a safe return could be guaranteed.  Among them, most said they just weren’t interested in the moon, or thought that it would be boring.

Others turned it down because:  The moon would be boring, they’re scared, fear of flying, fear of heights, claustrophobia, they’re “too old,” there’s “no point,” and some just couldn’t get past the unrealistic safety guarantee.


Editorial credit: Everett Collection