Let Him Quit?

 Meredith in Chesapeake is torn along with her husband over how to handle their son. He started working his first job in April (fast food place), and he already hates it. He’s 16 and claims that his job is keeping him from living up his “senior summer” of High School. Meredith admits his job takes up a good chunk of his nights and weekends, but that’s the reality of work? So where did listeners fall? We received all sorts of responses. A common one was to try and adjust his hours so that maybe he gets every other Friday/Saturday night off or something. If they’re not flexible, Marie in VB said “let him quit!” and more importantly, stop paying for everything other than essentials. Others said he should stick it out longer and learn the hard lesson of responsibility in life! We gathered that this is a privileged family, and the ultimate goal is to teach this young man about the real world!


Tammy in Norfolk weighs in on The Sitch!