When Should Identical Twins Stop Dressing Alike?

Corey wrote in with a funny Sitch today. He says that his friend has 8-year-old twins and they still dress alike for gatherings. Corey saw them recently and got to thinking “aren’t they a little old for that?” He thinks they were too old for it years ago, so we wanted to know what others have experienced with twins, and their thoughts on age/identity. Some facebook listeners shamed Corey for getting into his friend’s business when it doesn’t concern him. We liked the discussion it brought because people should be allowed to discuss silly things like this. Corey even admitted it wasn’t his business, he just wanted to throw it out and hear what other people thought. That’s what the Sitch is, people! Why so serious, Facebook? At least all of our callers are nice people! 😀

Cathy And Brenda Weigh in on The Sitch