To Catch A Thief

An anonymous “Jill” wrote in because she suspects her stepson stole $20 from her purse. He lives with Jill and his dad, and things have finally started smoothing out after a long period of turmoil. She knows her husband didn’t take it and so she’s left wondering if/how she should confront her stepson. People immediately pointed out that in the future she should keep a closer eye on the purse, for one! Some said let it slide the first time and just be vigilant in the future. Most said you can’t let it slide, and it would be wise to bring the dad in on the discussion of how to proceed. Punishment should come from him, not Jill, if that’s the course of action.

However, the most brilliant suggestion was made by Michelle on Facebook who said Jill should just ask the stepson flat out “what did you need $20 for?” This puts him on the spot immediately and he might either admit to it on accident, or get flustered which would show his obvious guilt. BRILLIANT, MICHELLE!!

Beth Anne once again had a great idea!