Ice Cream Sandwich Caper

Phyllis in Chesapeake wrote in because her college-aged kids can’t behave while at home. Her 19-year-old boy bought ice cream sandwiches for the family, but they only left him 1 by the time he got to them. When he asked his family how many they each had, Phyllis & Hubby had 1 each, and his sister (21) claimed to have 3. This didn’t add up and nobody fessed up, when it was clearly the sister lying. In response, he set up a hidden camera next to the fridge for the next box he bought. Turns out his hunch was right, as he caught his sister red handed scarfing them down. The whole family was taken aback by this hidden camera behavior, and it sounds like they were more upset at him instead of his sister for lying. Phyllis wanted to know how other parents would react in a situation like this.

There was no clear/right answer. The ultimate takeaway is that the son needs to just buy them for himself or find a better system. People were split evenly on the hidden camera thing. Michelle and Dave thought it was brilliant, while Dan and Margaret thought it was going too far. 

We say excellent work, kid!