Is This Re-Gifting??

George in Suffolk wrote in with a doozy. He and his wife just celebrated their 50th(!) anniversary, and his daughter (wife’s daughter-in-law) crocheted a blanket for them. Now, the thing is his daughter got the materials for the blanket by using a Michael’s gift card that her mother-in-law (George’s wife) gave her. George’s wife somehow took offense to this and George was looking for ways to make her see how this was a thoughtful gift. 

It’s unfortunate that we had to spell out why this was still a thoughtful gift, but there is an old saying “it’s the thought that counts.” Time and effort are also factors. This daughter put the maximum of all three into this gift. Creative, thoughtful, and useful idea with the blanket, which takes a lot of time and skill to make. We think she just has personal underlying issues with the daughter or doesn’t believe the blanket was originally intended for them.

Linda And Jenna helped make sense of this