Portsmouth Humane Society Shelter at Full Capacity, Requests Community Support

Portsmouth Humane Society is asking for the community’s support.

Nearly every kennel in the shelter is full and the requests for help from pet owners continue to come in.

Despite the reinstatement by the CDC of the eviction moratorium, this week Portsmouth Humane Society has received an increased number of requests from families who have been recently evicted. While PHS does offer housing for pets whose owners need short-term support, this service is limited by the amount of space available in our shelter. PHS can support more animals and families in need with the commitment of foster homes.

PHS is seeking support from community members that are willing to open their homes to animals short-term. Fosters are needed for a variety of ages and sizes of dogs and cats. The Foster Team at PHS thoughtfully matches foster animals based on the preferences and lifestyle of the foster family. Healthy adult animals typically spend 2-4 weeks in foster care. All the foods, supplies and veterinary care are supplied by PHS, and there is no cost to the foster family.

“Our Community Programs offer guidance to community members that need help rehoming their pets, have found lost pets, or need support with other animal-related matters. Animal homelessness is not a PHS problem, it is a community problem, and we cannot effectively support the animals that need our help without the active participation of community members,” notes Community Engagement and Development Director, Dyanna Uchiek. Community members may also help prevent animals from coming into the shelter by taking steps to reunite lost animals with their owners. Foster opportunities exist for potential adopters for a two-week trial period under the “Foster Fur All” program. Finally, to assist the animals currently in our shelter, PHS is waiving all adoption fees through Friday, August 13th.

Portsmouth Humane Society, founded in 1889, is a non-profit that is contracted by the City of Portsmouth to shelter, care for and adopt all of the City’s homeless animals. As a non-profit organization, we depend upon charitable contributions and volunteer support to accomplish our goal of providing the best possible outcome for the pets in our care.