Scoop Your Dang Poop, Mister!

Doug in Virginia Beach wrote in his stinky sitch. His neighbor won’t scoop his dogs poop and it’s starting to really smell. The dog is even going into DOUG’S yard to poop now. Doug claims to have addressed it with the neighbor, to which the neighbor is not responding or changing his behavior. He wants to report it to somebody, but A) isn’t sure who to contact, and B) his wife is against it. So what is the best course of action?

We got a good amount of replies suggesting he literally “return” the favor, if you catch my drift. Bag it up and return to sender on their doorstep. Obviously a lot of work for Doug he probably doesn’t want to do for his neighbor. The seemingly most realistic solution would be to suggest he clean it up or else he’ll have to call animal control or the local equivalent of environmental protection. This was a sitch where the true nature of the reality may be a bit concerning for the dog and owner. Good luck Doug!

We didn’t get to air JJ today so here he is with a humorous solution!