Asking For a Raise on Friday the 13th?

Annemarie threw out a fun one in the sitch today. She’s scheduled a meeting with her boss to discuss a raise. She has a presentation planned out, but then remembered it’ll be on Friday the 13th. Apparently she’s a little superstitious because it got her second-guessing the whole meeting! It seems she was looking for some VALIDATION here, which we love to oblige!

Callers and commenters on facebook (as of this writing) all agreed to go forward with the meeting. Kerri pointed out that the more worried you become, the worse it will be for you. The universe gives back what we put into it. If you feed into all the superstition, chances are you’ll trick yourself into seeing it everywhere! Be careful out there but be sure of yourself!!! Let us know how it goes, Annemarie!

Michelle weighs in with her validation