Little Caesars Debuts ‘Crazy’ New Mashup Item

Little Caesars just unveiled their newest concoction . . . a hybrid called the “Crazy Calzony” that’s half-pizza, half-calzone.

Each Calzony is cross-shaped, with a square of pizza in the middle and a calzone attached to each of the four sides. 

According to a press release,  “each indulgent slice of the new Crazy Calzony provides customers with two different experiences – part pepperoni pizza in the middle, and part calzone at the edges.  It features a folded calzone-like crust that is filled with garlic white sauce, mozzarella cheese, and julienne pepperoni and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.  The delicious pizza-calzone combo is served with Crazy Sauce for dipping.”

They are available for a limited-time-only.