Gym Etiquette?

Daryl in Norfolk wrote in because he’s tired of the gym-talkers. He thinks you’re in there for one reason and one reason only – to work out. So an old friend recently noticed Daryl in the gym as he was in the middle of an exercise, and the friend approached him. Daryl didn’t take kindly to this because he was in the zone and sort of let his friend have it. After cooling down he apologized, but he then wondered if he was justified in his actions. 

Everybody agreed that the friend should’ve waited and that Daryl is fine for being in his zone, but he shouldn’t have gone off at his friend. The best solution for the future? Get a shirt (or a few shirts) that says “leave me alone, I’m in my zone” or something to that effect, but it has to rhyme!! Thanks for the idea Dan!

Dan had the winning solution for the day!