Here’s Exactly How You Can Get Free Starbucks Refills

Editorial credit: AngieYeoh

Need more than just one cup of coffee to get you going?  Good news, you can score free refills at Starbucks by using their app. 

Here’s the trick, you must use the Starbucks app with a registered Starbucks card to pay for your first drink.

According to the Starbucks reward terms: “To be eligible for free refill(s) of hot or iced brewed coffee or tea, you must scan the member barcode in the App prior to purchasing your beverage and again when you request your refill or pay for your beverage using your registered Starbucks Card and scan the same card again when you requesting your hot or iced brewed” coffee or tea refill.

There are a couple of catches to point out as well…you can’t use your refill to double up on your PSL.  The free refill is for a “brewed coffee (hot, iced coffee or cold brew), and tea (hot or iced),” according to Starbucks rewards.

And…you can not leave the store after you order your first drink.  The refill policy clearly states that you can only get free refills within the same store visit.