Britney Spears Regains Custody of Her Dogs After Argument With Houskeeper

An argument broke out between Britney Spears and her housekeeper last week, (Aug. 16th) and new reports state that it over the care of the singer’s dogs.  

According to TMZ, the housekeeper felt the dogs were not being properly cared for so she took them to the vet and then placed them in the care of the singer’s dog sitter. Spears initially called the police on Aug. 10th to report the theft of her animals but then changed her mind. 

A fight between Spears and the staff member broke out last Monday (Aug. 16th) because Spears thought the housekeeper had been sending photos of the sick dogs to her father and conservator, Jamie Spears

TMZ reports that the dogs were returned on Friday (Aug. 20th) by the dog sitter, who is still employed by Britney. The housekeeper is not.  


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