Forgotten 50th Birthday

We had Biff from Chesapeake write in because he just celebrated his 50th birthday (congrats!), and his son forgot to call or wish him a happy birthday! He wasn’t too upset about it, he just wanted to know how many people would let it go vs. how many would say something to their son/daughter about it. Biff feels like he has a good opportunity to mess with his son here. So what did the people think?

Some people said to just let it go. Some said to return the favor when his son’s birthday rolls around. Our most fun solution came from Tammy who said Biff should invite his son over for dinner and have an elaborate birthday celebration set up for it. Signs, cake, candles, the whole thing. And if the dad plays it straight, he could get a funny reaction out of his son. 

Hear Tammy propose her brilliant solution