John Cena Moved to Tears Meeting Young Boy He Inspired During Mom’s Cancer Treatment

A heartwarming video of John Cena meeting a fan who was inspired by the WWE star and actor during his mom’s cancer treatment is making the rounds again this week.

The video is actually from four years ago but it’s worth another watch. 

In the 2017 video, Cena was receiving messages from his fans in a partnership with Cricket Wireless. One of the fans, a young boy named Tyler, said in a video shown to Cena that he was the lucky recipient of Cena’s wristband at a WWE event.

Tyler says: ‘My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, and when she got her results I asked her, um, what her results were and she said they were positive. 

‘And I was crying and I was shocked.

‘John Cena’s message helped my family because I got his wristband that he gave to me and when my mum was having her six hour surgery, I gave her that wristband and told her, “never give up.” She’s now cancer free.’

Cena has to hold back the tears while watching the moment.

Then it gets even better…Tyler pops out from behind an advertisement to surprise “The Suicide Squad” actor and his mom joins him as well saying,  “He made sure that through my cancer journey, he’d say, ‘Mom, Cena says never give up.’ And now I’m cancer-free.”

Take a look at some of the best reactions to the clip below.


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