Her House, Her Rules!

Ashley in Norfolk wrote in because she’s at her wit’s end with her boyfriend’s kids. She started seeing him 4 years ago, and shortly after he moved in to her house that she worked extremely hard to afford. It’s basically her dream house, and now her boyfriend’s kids are coming over and trashing it. Boyfriend has weekend custody of them and we’re not sure what other options they have. She’s already tried telling him to discipline the kids, but nothing seems to be catching on so now she doesn’t want them ruining her dream home.

Listeners ultimately came down to two possible solutions. Ashley either needs to take a hands on approach with the kids and start disciplining them in her house if she wants them to learn, OR she can kick the boyfriend out with them! Many people didn’t have faith in the relationship. The kids are 7 and 9 and shouldn’t be displaying this kind of behavior any more and that reflects poorly on the boyfriend. Best of luck Ashley!

Robin called in for the first time today!