Back To School Blues!

Julie in Chesapeake has a son going into third grade and he’s quite nervous/doesn’t want to go at all. Part of this is due to the general anxiety of it all, but also because his best friend moved away this summer. They rode the bus together before and were very close, so now he might be feeling a little lost without his partner in crime! Julie wanted to ask the veteran moms out there for any guidance on calming down her son and preparing him for a good school year.

We asked a lot from our listeners today, and they delivered the goods! This wasn’t an easy “this-or-that” type of Sitch. We had to think outside the box. Michelle responded by saying don’t make a big deal out of the whole thing. She could be feeding the nervous energy if she tries to overcompensate too much, which would lead to an escalation instead of de-escalation. Projecting nonchalance in general could help the boy calm down. Jasmine had a dissenting opinion which could be equally valid. She suggested sitting the boy down and validating his worrisome feelings. Simply talking through things will likely help him accept them and come to terms. It could also help a lot to get him to picture himself going through the motions of school. There are many ways to prepare, young padawan. You will be fine!

Tammy and Jasmine came through with some good ideas, thanks ladies!