Jeff Bridges Says His Cancer In Remission as He Recovers From COVID

Actor Jeff Bridges shared some good news regarding his health on his website this week.

The Big Lebowski star was diagnosed with lymphoma last year and after months of treatment and chemotherapy, he says he’s finally in remission. He posted a handwritten note saying that his tumor, which was once 9-inches-by-12-inches big, is now “down to the size of a marble.”

He also revealed that he battled COVID in the spring and, until recently, was on oxygen. . He says he likely caught it at the facility where he’s been getting chemo. He is fully vaccinated and credits the shot with saving his life.

Bridges also told fans that he was able to walk his daughter, Hayley, down the aisle at her recent wedding and dance with her without the oxygen tank that he needed following his bout with COVID.