Ryan Reynolds Sends Heartfelt Video Message to Fan Battling Cancer: ‘Stay Strong’ [WATCH]

Ryan Reynolds took the time to send a heartfelt video message to a fan battling cancer. 

Julie Rohr retweeted the video which was shared by a friend of hers on Twitter, thanking Reynolds for reaching out. “And a message from @VancityReynolds– oh, my goodness gracious my heart feels absolutely ready to explode,” she wrote. “I am so overwhelmed and honoured, thank you for your kindness in sending this message. Last night was one of the hardest in my life and today is just coming up roses!”

In the video, Reynolds tells Julie, “Just wanted to send you this little video, let you know I’m thinking about you.”

“One of the things that struck me about your story is that you are beloved by so many people. Enough people that that message got here to me in Boston,” he continued. “I wanted to send you lots of love, I know you’re going through it.”

He added, “Stay strong. I hope I get to meet you in person one of these days.”

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com