21 Live Sea Turtle Hatchlings Released at Croatan Beach

21 live sea turtle hatchlings were released last week at Croatan Beach.

Officials from the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center said they have been monitoring the green sea turtle nest that was laid overnight between July 11 and 12.

According to a Facebook post, “the Stranding Response Team and trained volunteers monitored the nest over the last several weeks to record all hatchlings as well as possible disoriented hatchlings from nearby light sources. Hatching events typically happen quickly, with all turtles reaching the water within a 30-minute window and an excavation of the nest to follow. In this case, high tides began to affect the nest during the predicted time of hatching, which is believed to have interfered with the turtles’ ability to successfully emerge. With approval at the state and federal level, the Aquarium intervened and was able to release the 21 hatchlings!”

This is the third sea turtle nest recorded in Virginia this year and the final to hatch in our area.

If you see any sea turtle nest activity, contact the Virginia Aquarium’s 24-hour stranding hotline at 757-385-7575.