This Ed Sheeran Lookalike Has to Wear Disguises to Hide from Fans

A British man named Ty Jones looks so much like Ed Sheeran that he has to use disguises to hide from fans when he goes out in public!

Jones told the NY Post that his experience with “devoted Sheeran groupies have ranged from “fans crying and shaking to a starstruck cyclist who couldn’t stop looking and they crashed their bike while still making eye contact.”

To avoid confusion, Ty wears the classic celebrity disguise: a hat, sunglasses, and a face mask.  Don’t feel too bad for him though . . . he said he gets sent free stuff and is let into clubs and restaurants as a VIP.

Ty said, “I aspire to master his songs and become a tribute act . . . and also keep trying my hand at acting or different roles in the future.”

Not Ed…

Not Ed again.

Ok THIS is the real Ed.

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