Meghan Trainor Reveals She and Daryl Sabara Have Two Toilets Next to Each Other in Their Bathroom

Meghan Trainor appeared on Nicole Byer’s podcast, Why Won’t You Date Me, where she revealed that she and husband Daryl Sabara have two toilets in their bathroom so they can use it at the same time!

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The new mom said, “We just got a new house and we did construction. Nobody knows this, but in our bathroom, there was one toilet, and a lot of time in the middle of the night when we’re with the baby, we’ve got to pee at the same time. So I was like, ‘Can we please have two toilets next to each other?’”

Ok, we kinda understand that Meghan, continue…

“And we’ve only pooped together twice.” She added, “We pee at the same time a lot.”

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