Hugh Jackman Responds to Ryan Reynold’s Latest Birthday Prank {WATCH}

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s long standing “feud” has given us lots of laughs over the years and the latest exchange came in honor of Hugh’s 53rd birthday.

Ryan took to TikTok to ‘celebrate’ his frenemy’s big day.  “Look, I don’t tell you how to celebrate Hugh Jackman’s birthday. So don’t tell me,” he captioned a video, posted alongside the message, “Socks to be Hugh.”



Socks to be Hugh.

♬ A Million Dreams – Ziv Zaifman & Hugh Jackman & Michelle Williams

Hugh saw the video and responded with his own hilarious message.

“I know there’ve been a lot of messages about Ryan’s post, him wearing socks with my face on them and wondering where you can get them,” he said. “You can’t get them anyway, because he made them himself.”

“He darned them himself,” Hugh continued. “I know, it’s just…really sad.”

“But anyway, I guess you could ask him,” he suggested. “He might darn you a pair.”


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