Fisher-Price’s Iconic Toy Telephone Reinvented for Adults With Bluetooth

Do you remember playing with this classic toy phone from Fisher-Price?  They came out in 1961, and every kid had one in the ’80s and ’90s too . . . usually a hand-me-down.

Well, the newest version just got a major upgrade.  It can now make REAL phone calls.

Fisher-Price is selling a new Bluetooth version of it that looks like the classic toy, but pairs with your smartphone.  So you or your kids can use it to make actual phone calls.

It still features the classic rotary dial that spins around and a man’s voice says each digit out loud when you dial so you can learn your numbers.

They cost $60, and you can only get them at Best Buy.  They’re not on sale yet, but you can pre-order one on their website.

Fisher-Price is still selling the normal, non-Bluetooth kids’ version for $10.  But with that one, you’ll have to go back to just pretending you’re on the phone.