This Viral TikTok Paper Towel Hack Will Double Your Roll and Blow Your Mind {WATCH}

A TikTok hack shows a simple way to double the life of your paper towel roll. Just cut it in half. That’s it.

User @Shessunday shared a video sawing her paper towels in half to help cut cost and make the roll last longer. T he video went viral with over 2 millions views. One person commented “I jumped up and did this! Genius.” Another offered the advice, “I tried this, you need a really really sharp knife.”

Many viewers mistakenly thought the paper towels were going to be used as toilet paper, but that isn’t @shesssunday’s intention.

“I had to try it, great for kids because mine take like three at a time,” she captioned the video.

Haters will say to just “Pick a size” but if those are more expensive, this hack is worth a try!

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