Watch: Adam Levine’s Reaction After Fan Jumped on Stage Divides Internet

Adam Levine was not happy when a fan jumped on stage during a recent concert and grabbed him. 

TikTok user @luispenaloza9525 shared a video of the moment where the audience member is seen running up to Levine and putting her arms around him while he sang “Sunday Morning.”

“This lady jumped on stage during Maroon 5’s performance,” the TikTok user wrote. “Adam Levine was not having it.” 

“Adam Levine was a whole mood yesterday,” they captioned the video. 



Adam Levine was a whole mood yesterday💀 #Fyp #ForYou #Maroon5 #AdamLevine #Hollywood #HollywoodBowl

♬ Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

Some fans criticized Levine’s reaction writing in the comments, “He needs to sit down and be humble for a sec” and another added, “He forgets it’s people like her why he is what he is.”

However, on Twitter fans came to his defense.

One wrote, “people on TikTok are insane. they’re calling Adam Levine a**hole who needs to humble himself because he acted disgusted when a STRANGER ran up and grabbed him when he was doing his job WITH HIS EYES CLOSED !!!! like how do people defend this behavior?? Is consent, not a thing??”

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