John Travolta and Tommy Lee Trade Cookie Recipes in Sweet Video {WATCH}

John Travolta and Tommy Lee are the unlikely friendship we never knew we needed.

The Mötley Crüe drummer shared a quick video clip on TikTok of a series of text messages where the two share recipes for peanut butter chip cookies.

Travolta’s text read, “Tommy, can you send me that peanut butter [chocolate] chip cookie recipe you have?”

Lee sent the recipe and Travolta replied with a photo of his going into the oven along with a taste test of the finished product.

Take a look:

Lee later told the NY Post he uses the following recipe for the delicious looking cookies.

@justinmschubledecided to hop on this trend! Super easy peanut butter cookies #passover #workdistractions #bestfandom #cookies #peanutbutter #baking #recipe

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Lee started a separate Instagram page in October 2020 amid the pandemic.

“Hey it’s Tommy Lee, a.k.a. Chef BoyarLEE this is where I’m gonna put my cooking s–t. So don’t be the mustard.. ketchup,” his tagline reads, with a profile photo as a play on the canned kid-favorite spaghetti, Chef Boyardee.”

The rocker shares his many culinary creations on this page.

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