Is Starbucks Teasing a ‘Red (Taylor’s Version) Tie-In?

We’re just days away from Friday’s (Nov. 12) release of Red (Taylor’s Version).

Starbucks set Twitter into a frenzy after the mega coffee chain tweeted out “It’s Red Season,” along with coffee, sparkle, scarf and heart emoji, parroting the same phrase Taylor recently used in her first Instagram Reel video in which she declared this to be “Red Season.”

Starbucks also quoted lyrics from “Holy Ground” and “Begin Again” in other tweet replies along with quoting a Swift Instagram caption with “We’re just in a holiday vibe right now, not a lot going on at the moment otherwise.”

Taylor herself drank out of a Starbucks cup in a recent Instagram reel.

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So does this mean Starbucks is partnering with Taylor or are they just Swifties? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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