Adele Reveals Why She Got Her Instagram Password Taken Away From Her [VIDEO]

If you love following Adele on Instagram, you may or may not be surprised to know she isn’t the one posting.

Adele revealed on on NikkieTutorials‘ YouTube channel that she actually doesn’t know the passwords to her social media accounts.

“I was never allowed my passwords for my socials before,” she said. “They were worried if I’d get drunk, or be annoyed, whatever I would do. Not responding to anyone, more just posting my general thoughts.”

However, during the pandemic her team changed their minds.

“Obviously the internet was just on fire during COVID,” she said, “It kept everyone’s morale up.”  So she was given her password.

But after she posted one picture, she said it was taken away again.

“And then I posted a picture, which a lot of people know about. It’s the only picture I ever posted myself. And then they took my password away from me again,” said Adele.

Although she didn’t confirm the photo in question, many believe she is referring to this photo which she received backlash for.

Fans loved seeing Adele go live on Instagram ahead of her new album release and Nikkie asked if she would do that again.

“No, because I had no idea how to f—ing use it … I would never do it again,” she replied. “I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I didn’t enjoy it at all. I mean I enjoyed it while I was doing it, but then all my friends were like, ‘Are you OK?’ And they told me what I was supposed to be doing, and what I was supposed to look like … Honestly, it was, like, meme-worthy.”