Pink Helps Fan Battling Cancer Complete Bucket List {WATCH}

Pink recently took the time to help a fan who is battling cancer complete their bucket list.

Last month, Pink sat on a 30-minute Zoom call with 63-year-old Diane Berberian.

The fan, who is in hospice care after being diagnosed with bone cancer, shared a portion of her conversation with Pink on Facebook with a caption that said, “THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO TRY AND MAKE CONNECTIONS… OUR DREAM CAME TRUE!!!!! Pink sang ‘We Are the Champions.’ Will try to share later.”

Berberian spoke on her meeting with Pink and said, “You’ve made my day. I don’t even know what’s on my bucket list now, because you were so far at the top. All the other things started to happen so it’s kinda like, ‘Okay, I’ll think of somethin’ else!'”