Virginia Beach Named One of America’s Top 10 Most Caring Cities

Christmas is a time for being charitable, and when it comes to caring for others, come cities are better than others. According to research from WalletHub — which looked at things like hours spent volunteering, money given to charity, child poverty rates, people helping neighbors, and providing shelter for the homeless — these are the most caring cities in the country:

  1. Madison, Wisconsin

  2. Boston, Massachusetts

  3. New York, New York

  4. Virginia Beach, Virginia

  5. Fremont, California

  6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  7. Jersey City, New Jersey

  8. Lincoln, Nebraska

  9. Seattle, Washington

  10. Denver, Colorado

The least caring? We’re looking at you …

  1. Birmingham, Alabama

  2. San Bernardino, California

  3. Tulsa, Oklahoma

  4. Houston, Texas

  5. Baton Rouge, Louisiana