Virginia Zoo Welcomes Newborn Masai Giraffe {VIDEO}

Surprise! The Virginia Zoo welcomed a newborn Masai giraffe on Tuesday. The new addition was due to be born in the new year, but the baby had other plans.

The Zoo shared the new arrival saying, “The Masai giraffe calf was born yesterday on December 28, before Zoo Keepers arrived. A neonatal exam was performed and revealed that the calf is a male and weighs 159 pounds and stands 5’9” tall. This is the third calf for mom, Noelle, and fourteenth for dad, Billy.”

Mom and baby are bonding, and the calf is nursing well. He appears strong and is already learning to run!

Details regarding a naming contest are in the works and will be announced on the Zoo’s Facebook page.

You can visit and see the calf and Noelle in their night barn from our Africa – Okavango Delta boardwalk.