Waze Introduces New Feature To Help Norfolk Drivers Avoid Flooded Roads

Norfolk drivers using the Waze navigation app will be the first in the world to test a new feature helping drivers avoid flooded roads in real-time.

According to a press release, “current flood warnings and data are very broad, with no personalized or actionable insights on what roads may be closed due to flooding, or what assets may be impacted.”

FloodMapp’s groundbreaking forecast technology mixes tidal, riverine and rainfall data to create a rapid, real-time flood inundation model. The information is automatically layered with Norfolk’s citywide road network in a geographic information system and sent to Waze in real time.

In addition, drivers can confirm flooding in the app, which will help make future Waze alerts more accurate and contribute to an automatic rerouting feature.

“FloodMapp created a live flood modeling system that has the potential to save property and lives,” said RISE Executive Director Paul Robinson.¬†“It is only through working with partners like the City of Norfolk who are committed to building flood resilience strategies that we can advance innovative tools and help coastal communities worldwide adapt to the threats from climate change.”

Editorial credit: Aaron of L.A. Photography