Team USA’s Men’s Bobsled Team Financed Olympic Journey With Nearly-Nude Calendar {SFW Pics}

Team USA just won Gold in resourcefulness. The United States men’s bobsled team financed their way to the 2022 Olympics with a nearly nude calendar.

According to Pink News, the team needed $70,000 to fund their trip, which is not funded by the U.S. government.  The team initially launched a GoFundMe but still needed more money.  That’s when bobsledder and photographer, Jimmy Reed, came up with the idea to pose for a calendar called the Bob-Spread.

Reed shared the finished product on Instagram saying, “This has been an incredibly fun and rewarding project to work on. Is it over the top? Absolutely, yes. But it highlights what is unique about the sport of bobsledding.”

“There is no one athlete or body type that can push a sled well. We are all different and push fast for different reasons,” he continued.

“The Bob-Spread highlights what’s not often seen beneath the helmets and the speed suits, albeit in a pretty ridiculous manner. As the photographer and creator of the calendar I am really proud of this… I also want to thank all the guys who helped with ideas, held lights, set up the studio with me, and were willing to strip down for the photos,” he concluded.

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